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Green and create the future
1 Gaskets are an important part of the automotive industry, and solving energy and environmental problems has also become the fundamental prerequisite for the sustainable development of this industry.
As a link in the supply chain of major automobile manufacturers, Shanghai Xingsheng integrates "green and future" into its corporate vision and core values, and formulates ecological resources conservation, promotion of waste reduction and harm reduction; promotion of clean production, implementation of pollution prevention; compliance with laws Laws and regulations, and continue to advocate environmental protection policies for environmental protection.
Since Shanghai Xingsheng passed the ISO14001 environmental system standard certification in 2008, Shanghai Xingsheng has actively promoted the "green future" activities in the company: 1. Carry out energy saving and emission reduction activities in all aspects of the production process; 2. Become a Shanghai GM "Green Supply Chain" member; 3. Products exported to the EU strictly comply with REACH regulations; 4. Ensure that the raw materials used do not contain harmful substances.
Facing the future, Shanghai Xingsheng will continue to actively support the country's environmental protection, charity, education, culture, sports and other undertakings, support the research and development of environmental protection technology, advocate green concepts, and infiltrate green responsibility into Shanghai Xingsheng's corporate culture.





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