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Shanghai Xingsheng Gasket Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and established by Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation, Japan Metal Gasket Co., Ltd., and Japan Nigas Co., Ltd. It was registered and established in October 1997. It is a company that develops, produces and sells various automobiles. , Motorcycle engine gaskets, automotive automatic transmission valve plate gaskets, automotive air-conditioning compressor gaskets and other industrial gasket products professional enterprises.

In order to meet the requirements of technological progress and product renewal of vehicle and complete machine enterprises, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises and meet market needs, the company has introduced the design and manufacture technology of metal gaskets from Japan Metal Gasket Co., Ltd. with the contemporary international advanced level, using The high-quality metal-rubber composite panels and asbestos-free composite materials of Nigas Co., Ltd., combined with the company's long-term R&D and production accumulation over the past 20 years, use ZWCAD, PROE, UG and other technologies to design molds and tooling, and apply world-class process manufacturing equipment. Organize production in accordance with scientific management mode, and use advanced testing equipment to implement process testing and final testing to ensure product quality and provide users with satisfactory services.

At present, the company's main users include General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Shanghai Automotive, Toyota, Suzuki, Mazda, Dongan Mitsubishi, BorgWarner, WABCO, Sanden Behr, Denso, Delphi, Suzuki Motorcycle, Honda The world's top 500 companies including motorcycles, Yamaha motorcycles, CRRC, etc. are the first-class automobile, motorcycle, complete machine and parts enterprises in China.

The company passed ISO9002, QS-9000 and VD6.1 in November 1999 and December 2001, passed the TS16949 quality system certification in September 2004, and passed the Shanghai Volkswagen A-level supplier review in October and has maintained it since 2006. It has won the Dongan Mitsubishi Excellent Supplier Award twice, the Shanghai Automobile Excellent Supplier Award in 2007, the Toyota Quality Cooperation Award for consecutive years since 2008, and the Sanden Behr Excellent Supplier Award three times since 2010. The company has achieved good results in the quality assessment of the company. Since 2006, it has been continuously awarded as an advanced enterprise with foreign investment. In 2007, it was awarded the second-level safety and quality qualified enterprise. In June 2008, it passed the ISO14000 environmental system certification. It is an advanced technology enterprise in Shanghai.

In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the quality policy of "prevention first, continuous improvement, and continuous optimization of resource allocation to provide customers with satisfactory products and services", and adhere to the production and operation tenet of "high quality, high efficiency, and low cost". , to ensure that customer needs are met.




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